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Trent Zelazny is the author of several novels, novellas and short stories in numerous genres including, but not limited to, horror, crime, thriller, science fiction, erotica, and humor. He is also a bestselling international playwright, editor of two anthologies, and has written for both television and film.

Son of the late science fiction author Roger Zelazny, Trent was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has lived in California, Oregon, and Florida, but currently lives with his fiancé, Laurel, and their dog, Banjo, back in Santa Fe.


Zelazny cites his biggest influences as those from the pulp era. David Goodis, Cornell Woolrich, Jim Thompson, as well as Joe R. Lansdale, Donald E. Westlake, and, of course, his father, as well as several of the existentialists, most notably Søren Kierkegaard and Jean-Paul Sartre.


You can also visit his rarely used blog HERE.




  • The Day the Leash Gave Way and Other Stories (2009)

  • An Evening Wasted with Trent Zelazny (coming 2015)

  • Not Any Little Girl (A One-Act Play) (2012)

  • The Digital Eidolon That Fits in Your Pocket (A Very Short One-Act Play) (2012)

  •  Mirages: Tales from Authors of the Macabre (Black Curtain Press, 2012)

  • Dames, Booze, Guns & Gumshoes (Black Curtain Press, 2013)

  •  Shadows and Reflections: A tribute to Roger Zelazny. Co-edited with Warren Lapine. (Coming soon)

  • "Isle of Regret" in Amberzine edited by Erick Wujcik (2005)

  • "How to Write a Short Story for Publication in the New Yorker, by Everette Sage Brown" in The Santa Fe Literary Review edited by Erin Pulsipher and Tom Stevens (2006)

  • "Afterword" (The Dead Man's Brother) (2009)

  • "Introduction" in Lovecraft eZine, Issue #18, edited by Mike Davis (2012)

  • "Introduction" in Dames, Booze, Guns & Gumshoes (2013)

  • "Introduction" in Lovecraft eZine, Issue #27, edited by Mike Davis (2013)

  • "Horseman, Pass By" (Introduction) in Fantasy For Good - A Charitable Anthology, to benefit the Colon Cancer Alliance (2014)

Longer Works
  • "A Crack in Melancholy Time" (2011)

  • "Destination Unknown" (2011)

  • "Fractal Despondency" (2011)

  • "Shadowboxer" (2011)

  • "To Sleep Gently" (2011)

  • "Butterfly Potion" (2012)

  • "Too Late to Call Texas" (2012)

  • "People Person" (2013)

  • "Voiceless" (2014)

  • "Dreams Die First" (with Martin Reaves; coming 2015)

Short fiction
  • "Harold Asher and His Vomiting Dogs" in Scavenger's Newsletter edited by Janet Fox, 1999

  • "Hope Is an Inanimate Desire" in 'Cemetery Sonata edited by June Hubbard, Chameleon Publishing 1999

  • "Acupuncture" in Shadow of the Marquis (webzine) edited by Alex Severin, 2001

  • "Chicken Strips" in Delirium Magazine edited by Shane Ryan Staley, 2001

  • "Lunatic" in Shadow of the Marquis (webzine) edited by Alex Severin, 2001

  • "The Disappearance of Experimentation" in Shadow of the Marquis (webzine) edited by Alex Severin 2001

  • "A Dead Man's Burrito" in House of Pain, November/December issue, 2002

  • "Caught in Etcetera" in Psrhea Magazine, February edited by David Kennedy, 2002

  • "Competition" in House of Pain webzine, February/March issue edited by Wraith, 2002

  • "Lovely Day for Beating an Old Guy" in RAW: Random Acts of Weirdness edited by Brian Knight, Catalyst Press 2002

  • "On My Feet" in Deviant Minds, December issue edited by Rob Parnell, 2002

  • "The End of the Rainbow" in The Swamp webzine, August issue edited by Pete Allen, 2002

  • "The Music" in Horrorfind, February issue edited by Brian Keene, 2002

  • "The Ten-in-One" in The Swamp June issue (webzine) edited by Pete Allen, 2002

  • "Opportunity Knocks" in Penumbric Speculative Fiction edited by Jeff Georgeson, 2003

  • "Mourning Road" in Ethereal Gazette, October issue edited by Nickolaus Pacione, 2005

  • "The Day the Leash Gave Way" in Aphelion, May issue edited by Robert Moriyama, 2005

  • "An Angle for the Angels" in Ethereal Gazette, February issue edited by Nickolaus Pacione, 2006

  • "Divadavidavida" in Susurrus: The Literature of Madness, February issue edited by Brian Worley, 2006

  • "Found Money" in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, September/October issue, edited by Marlene Satter, 2006

  • "Bathing Beauty" (2009)

  • "Hooch" (2009)

  • "Sparkle Head" (2009)

  • "The House of Happy Mayhem" (2009)

  • "Two-Thirty-Six" (2009)

  • "Nothingness Dust" in Kizuna: Fiction for Japan' edited by Brent Millis, (2011) 

  • "Snow Blind" in Stupefying Stories, December issue edited by Bruce Bethke, 2011

  • "The Digital Eidolon That Fits in Your Pocket" in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination' edited by Warren Lapine, 2012

  • "Black Whispers" in World's Collider: A Shared-World Anthology edited by Richard Salter, 2012

  • "Buckle Box" in The Original Van Goghs Ear Anthology edited by Tina Hall, September 9, 2012

  • "Short of Breath: A Halloween Short Story" published by Cemetery Dance Publications, 2012

  • "Slink" in Evil Jester Digest, Volume 2 edited by Peter Giglio, 2012  

  • "Windows in the Wreckage" in Evil Jester Digest, Volume 2 edited by Peter Giglio, 2012

  • "The Rag-End of Dreams" in Nightscapes: Vol. 1 edited by Mark C. Scioneaux, Robert S. Wilson and Jennifer Wilson, 2013

  • "City Song" (with Edward Morris) in Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror Volume Two edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson, 2013

  • "Quarter, Quarter, How I Wonder" in Lucky 13: Thirteen Tales of Crime & Mayhem edited by Edward J. McFadden III, 2014

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